What is vinyl fence made of?

Our vinyl fence is comprised of a composite of viny particle, impact modifiers for strength, ultra violet inhibitors for protection from damaging sun rays and extreme weather conditions.

How long will it last?

Mega vinyl fences are designed to last a life-time.

How high can I make a vinyl fence?

Standard height available are 90cm, 120cm and 150cm. We also accept any custom height up to 180cm.

Can you custom fit my yard/pool?

Yes!  We offer custom fabrication of vinyl fencing to fit the style, size and shape of your home or business. 

What colors are available?

We currently offer white only.

Will my fence yellow over time?

No. Our vinyl fencing contains titanium dioxide (TIO2) which prevents ultraviolet degradation. Our products carry 10 year warranty against abnormal discoloration .

How strong is vinyl fence? 

Mega vinyl fencing has been impact modified with a chemical compound. The formulation has been tailored to meet or exceed the requirements necessary performance of the product. Also, bottom rails and top rails of the fence pannel are inserted aluminum  or steel pipe to strengthen the vinyl fence.

Will vinyl fence break?

Vinyl fencing are hard to break unless subjected to a direct impact (i.e. a car running into a fence line). Under normal use, the fence will not break when installed properly. However, post, pickets and rails are easily replaced if damaged.

Will vinyl fence burn?

Fire will damage vinyl fence, but it can not be ignited. When the source of flame is removed, vinyl fence will stop burning.

What kind of warranty do I get with vinyl fence?

Mega vinyl fence carry a limited 10 years warranty against rotting, rust, corrosion, abnormal discoloration or weathering.

What is the cost compared to other fences?

Mega vinyl fence can stand up lifetime and maintenace free. It's the most economic long-term solution for your fencing.

Can you make gates out of vinyl? 

Gates can be made from the same material you use in the fence or railing.

Will it mildew? 


How do I install vinyl fence?

We offer intallation service in Chiangmai charging 200 ฿/metre, minimun charge 2,000 Baht/case. Other area please contact us for quotation.

You can choose to install by yourself or hire local technicians to help you with the installation guide. Our vinyl fence is designed to be easy assembled.

How to clearn vinyl fence?

A mild detergent and water is sufficient to keep your vinyl fence looking new. For tough stains, lacquer thinner or "soft scrub" works well.

How to remove scratches in vinyl fence?

For tiny scratches, lacquer thinner works well. For big and deep scratches, you should using wet sandpapers No.80 to scrub it first. When the stain is gone, continue scrubbing it with finer wet sandpapers, such as No.120 and 1500, until the surface is smooth, and then apply it with lacquer thinner or acetone to wipe it off.

How to measure the place supposed to be fenced

If you want to order custom fabricated vinyl fence for your project, please measure your land as the picture shows.

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