Install into the soil

Tools you will use



Measure tape



Screw driver


Stainless screw

Cutting machine

Super glue
Installation Guide

Step 1

Review your place and determind the point to Install post.

Dig post holes.

Step 2

Put posts into holes

Attention: there are 5 different types of posts.

Step 3

Insert rail to post

every standard rail is notched. Your needn't screw to fix.

Step 4

At the end of the line. you may need to cut the rail if it's too wide. Then you shoud screw the shorted rail to prevent its movement

Step 5

Insert fence pickets into the rail

Step 6

Pour concrete into the digged holes

step 7

Make the fence straight

step 8

Cap the posts. Coat the inner edges of each cap with super glue and press firmly on each post to ensure proper adhesion.

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